Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad Credit Car Loans

Owning a quality vehicle is a necessity for most drivers. You want to reach all of your destinations and go on a lot of exciting adventures. If you’re looking for a new vehicle and also have a less-than-ideal credit score, how can you secure a car loan?

At Germain Express, we are here to provide guidance through this process. We want to help you take advantage of the opportunity to get less-than-ideal credit car loans. Our goal is to provide drivers in Ohio, Florida, and Michigan with the resources needed to get the right ride for them, regardless of their circumstances. Continue reading to learn more about this process.

Determine Your Credit Score

Before you begin your car-buying journey, you want to understand what your credit score currently is. This score is used to help lenders determine your eligibility for specific interest rates and your reliability in paying off a loan.

You can check your credit score online for free and then use this information to determine the next steps in the process. Depending on the agency, credit scores vary in range from around 300 to 850. A good credit score usually falls between 670 and 739. Scores of very good and excellent rank above that. 

You can always consult our finance team, if you have any questions about your credit score. We’ll help you understand what the next steps are, once you determine what your score is.

Poor Credit Car Loan Options

Our dealership takes pride in offering options to all drivers. We specialize in poor credit car loans that are tailored to your unique financing situation. We strive to help you obtain the vehicle you want.

We offer a range of options that can help you secure the financing you need to get behind the wheel of a new car today. Our goal is to help you find and create a loan structure that aligns with your budget and financing goals and keeps you moving forward in this process.

Ways To Improve Your Credit

After you get a less-than perfect credit car loan and find the ride you want, you might want to take steps to improve your credit score. There are a few tasks you can undertake to achieve this:

  • Payment consistency – By making payments on time, you start to demonstrate financial responsibility that can improve your score.
  • Reduce debt – If you have any outstanding debts, paying those off will also help improve your credit score. Another tip is to start paying off the debts with the highest interest rates first.
  • Credit utilization – By keeping your credit card balances low, you can improve your credit utilization ratio and therefore improve your credit score.
  • New credit – When you open new credit accounts or have multiple applications in a short period of time, this can get in the way of improving your credit. Only open new accounts when necessary.
  • Review credit report – By regularly checking your credit report and your credit score, you can ensure there are no errors and inaccuracies that could bring your credit score down.

Visit Our Dealership Today

Here at Germain Express, we want to help every driver have the opportunity they deserve to own a reliable vehicle. If you need a poor credit car loan that is catered to your financing situation, our dealership can help you achieve that.

Contact us today to learn more. Then, visit our finance center in person to get the process started and work with our expert team.

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