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Germain Express Purchase

Buying a new car can be a process. Here at Germain Express, we are helping make that process even easier.

The Germain Express Purchase Program near Columbus, OH, allows drivers to get the vehicle they want with an online buying process that can be done entirely from home. Continue reading to learn more about how this process works and can benefit you.

What is Germain Express Purchase?

The Germain Express Purchase Program is a customizable way for you to complete your purchase of a vehicle from home. We provide all the tools you need to create your deal and utilize incentives and offers that can help you get the ride of your dreams.

We can also set you up with resources to potentially be pre-approved for an auto loan or to get an estimated value on your trade-in. This allows you to complete the process at your own pace and maximize your time to make an informed decision.

You can explore our entire inventory of vehicles for sale and find your fit and then experiment with different options available to lease or finance the ride you want. Once you do this, you can set up pre-approval, explore vehicle protection options, or schedule a test drive.

Can I Trade in My Car Online?


Can I Trade in My Car Online?

Yes, you can complete a trade-in online. Using the Kelly Blue Book® Estimated Trade Value, we will provide an estimate for your trade-in based on the condition you choose for your existing vehicle.

Before you choose a condition, make sure your vehicle is in the best condition possible by cleaning it thoroughly and having it inspected to ensure that everything functions properly.

Our team will work with you to finalize the trade-in and help you get the value you deserve. This can also move the process along in helping you get the ride you want with an understanding of how much value you can apply to your next purchase.

Can I Test Drive the Vehicle I Want?


Can I Test Drive the Vehicle I Want?

Once you choose the vehicle you want, you can schedule a time to come to see us and test-drive the vehicle to make sure it is the fit you deserve. We can also set up an appointment to have a vehicle concierge bring the vehicle to you to test drive at home.

As you go through the process, make sure to “send my progress” to save your current deal and keep all of the information easy to access. This allows you to jump back into the financing process and review the deal with one of our associates.

Learn More Today

If the Germain Express Purchase Program near Columbus, Ohio, sounds like the right way for you to get a new vehicle and get on the road, we invite you to continue to explore more options and see what we have available. Our team is ready to help you find the ride you want and get you on the road as soon as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about this program and the process of buying your next car online.

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