Germain Express Purchase Program Lansing MI

Finding your next favorite car is an exciting process. Whether you’re looking to adapt to life changes or to finally drive your dream car, a streamlined process will make it easier to start that journey. Using modern technology, you can shop for your next car just as easily as you arrived at this page!

In an age where convenience and simplicity drive us, Germain Express has redefined the car-buying process. The Germain Express Purchase Program in Lansing, MI, brings unprecedented simplicity and efficiency to the experience of purchasing a new or a pre-owned car. We’ll help you learn more about this program and how it makes the car-buying process easier than ever.

Germain Express Purchase Program Lansing MI
The Germain Express Advantage

The Germain Express Purchase Program revolutionizes car buying, offering a digital shopping experience that can be tailored to fit your individual needs. With this program, you can browse through our extensive collection of cars, SUVs, and trucks from the comfort of your home. Complete transparency is maintained through every step of the process, from vehicle pricing to financing options, ensuring an experience that is smooth, easy, and, most importantly, convenient.

Express Purchase FAQs

Buying a car online is as simple as your other online shopping. We’re here to help you learn more about the process before you begin.

Germain Express Purchase Program Lansing MI

  • Q: Is my deal binding and final?

A: The Express Purchase Program is the beginning of your deal, though there’s still a chance to change the details! Completing your purchase means coming to our dealership, at which point you can change your mind or ask to make adjustments to the deal you made online.

  • Q: Is the price negotiable?

A: We start the Express Purchase program with an “Unlocked Sale Price.”

  • Q: I want to trade in my car. Can I do that online?

Germain Express Purchase Program Lansing MI

A: Through our online system, you can learn the estimated value of your trade-in vehicle before you bring it to the dealership. The Kelley Blue Book® Estimated Trade Value will place your current car into the Excellent, Very Good, Good, or Fair category. Our appraisal team will then evaluate your car and give a firm offer.

  • Q: Are taxes and fees included?

A: Once you enter your zip code and we register your county of residence, we will update the monthly payment to include taxes and fees.

  •  What do I do once I want to move forward with my Express Purchase?

A: Once you have a deal that you want to move forward with, click “Send My Progress.” That will send your information and unique deal to us so that we can finalize it in person!

Germain Express Purchase Program Lansing MI
Exceptional After-Sales Service

The Germain Express Purchase Program revolutionizes the car-buying process and provides unmatched after-sales service. From scheduled maintenance to unexpected repairs, our team of certified service technicians is dedicated to keeping your vehicle in peak condition.

Get Your Express Purchase Started Today

The Germain Express Purchase Program in Lansing, Michigan, makes buying a new or a pre-owned car easier, ensuring a streamlined, transparent, and stress-free process. Its pioneering approach, coupled with exceptional after-sales service, provides a car-buying experience like no other. Trust Germain Express for your next car purchase and you’ll be on the path to success.

Experience the Germain Express Purchase Program difference today. Welcome to the future of car buying!



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